Great Lakes Regional EOY Preliminary 2022

Five15 Royal Oak is honored to present the Great Lakes Regional preliminaries for Entertainer of the Year 2022!  Interested in being a contestant?  Here are some helpful FAQs to get you started towards registration.

When/Where is the preliminary held?

The preliminary will be held at Five15 in Royal Oak which is located at 600 S. Washington Ave / Royal Oak, MI 48067.  Registration for the pageant starts at 3:00pm EST on Sunday, April 17, 2022, and will close at 4:00pm EST.  After registering, you may check out the stage and dressing room area.  If you leave the building, please make sure that you are back for check-in by 6:00pm EST.

What will I need to register?

You will need to acquire and fill out the contestant package for the event.  You will find the package located at the bottom of this page. If you have trouble downloading it, you may email Craig Nichols-Fleming at cnichols8@gmail.com.  Once completed, please send the form to the above listed email address.  You will then be sent an invoice for the entry fee via email.  If you are unable to obtain the package electronically, you may fill out a tangible copy during Five15 business hours or on the day of the event.

What is the entry fee?
The entry fee is $100.00 for pre-registration until April 16, 2022.  On the day of the event, the entry fee is $125.00.

What kind of categories will I be judged on?

The four competitive categories are Presentation, Talent, Creative Evening Gown, and Q & A.  The criteria for these categories are detailed in your contestant package.

What do I win?

The winner of the Great Lakes Regional Entertainer of the Year 2022 will receive a cash prize of $500.00.  Keeping in EOY tradition, $250.00 will be paid upon the win with the remaining $250.00 paid during the hand-down ceremony the following year.  The 1st runner up will receive $200.00.  Both of these winning positions will also have airfare, accommodations, and entry to the National Entertainer of the Year pageant provided by the promoter of the event, Five15.