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Thank you for considering a career at Five15 Media, Mojo, and More, the Cabaret and gift shop with a Left Bank feel. Five15 disproves the much parroted line that indie stores are DOA in the 21st century. The address might say Washington Ave., but the vibe is more Greenwich Village or Haight‐Ashbury wired for today’s generation.

Does this store reflect your thinking? If so, please fill out the attached application because we want to show you Five15’s stature as the most exciting commercial space in Metro Detroit – where a real scene can emerge and come together. With your help, Five15 will work as a hub for artists; a creative clubhouse where people can see and feel our aesthetic. Please join us.

Job Application

Please read carefully before submitting application. I understand that an investigative consumer report involving information concerning my character, employment history, general reputation, police record, personal habits, mode of living, credit rating and indebtedness may be obtained prior to any final offer of employment. Upon a timely written request to the personnel department of the company, the nature and scope of the report will be disclosed tome.

I certify that the answers given by me in this employment application are true, correct and complete. I agree that the corporation shall not be liable, in any respect, if my employment is terminated because of misstatements or pertinent omissions made by me in this application. Moreover, I understand that all offers of employment are contingent upon passing the company's prescribed physical examination and drug screening.

I agree, as a condition of my employment(should I be employed by the Corporation),to submit to a medical examination if requested and based on the position that I accept, I further agree to the search or examination of myself or personal property while on the corporations premises or while conducting its business elsewhere. I also authorize any company, school, police or security personnel, or other person to give any information regarding my employment, habits, ability, or any other characteristics whatsoever; together with any information they have regarding me whether or not it is in their records. I hereby release all physicians, examiners, companies, schools, or other persons from liability for any damages whatsoever for such testing, examining, or issuing this information. It is agreed and understood that completion of this application does not mean a job opening exists and in no way obligates the corporation to employ me.

In the event of employment, I will comply with all corporate rules and regulations as established from time to time including the corporations substance abuse policy. I am willing to work all assigned overtime or other special work assignments as requested by the corporation. Furthermore, since the corporation does not offer contracts of employment (unless signed by a managing member of the corporation), I understand that nothing contained herein is intended to create a contract between the corporation and me for either employment or the provision of any compensation or benefits. I understand that I have the right to terminate my employment at any time and likewise, the corporation has the same right.

I hereby understand and acknowledge that any employment relationship with this Corporation is of an "At‐Will" nature, which means that the Employee may resign at any time and the Employer may discharge Employee at any time, with or without notice, and with or without cause. It is further understood that this "At‐Will" employment relationship may not be changed by any written document or by verbal agreement unless such change is specifically acknowledged in writing by an authorized managing member of this Corporation. I also understand that BG Media d/b/a Five 15 Media Mojo and More, retains the right to amend, modify, add, or delete any or all policies or procedures at its sole and absolute discretion.

During my employment with BG Media d/b/a Five 15 Media Mojo and More, and after my employment ends, I agree not to disclose any confidential or proprietary information regarding operating and trade secrets. I further agree that with respect to any civil litigation involving BG Media d/b/a Five 15 Media Mojo and More, in which I am a potential witness and which does not involve an actual or potential claim by me personally, I will not discuss the facts of the case with any third parties without first notifying BG Media d/b/a Five 15 Media Mojo and More, or unless a representative or attorney of BG Media d/b/a Five 15 Media Mojo and More, is present. A copy of this form may be used as the original. The use of results from this form and/or tests will be used for prudent employment decisions.