How much does bingo cost?

The Thursday, Friday and Saturday show is $20 per person. The Sunday Brunch show is $30 per person.

Can we reserve tickets online?

Yes. Follow this link https://five15.net/reservations and select the appropriate date and show start time.

Can we Pay for Seats online?

A credit card is required to secure a reservation but is typically NOT CHARGED*, show attendees can pay individually when they arrive. You can pay for tickets at Five15.net. If you would like your card to be charged, mention it in the ‘Special Requests’ section of the reservation, and we will process the payment for you.

*Individuals booking separately but wanting to be grouped together MUST prepay for their reservation. The same applies to individuals looking to take advantage of a Five15 generated coupon.

Can we pay for tickets individually?

Yes, you may pay for tickets individually or as a group upon arrival. To avoid long lines it is recommended large groups coordinate one person to collect money and make arrangements upon arrival.

Individuals making separate reservations but who are wanting to be grouped all together MUST prepay for their reservations.

Do we have to make reservations?

Yes, reservations are needed. For larger parties we recommend booking 2-3 weeks in advance as seats fill quickly.

If we’re a group, can we make our reservations separately?

While we prefer one reservation with a total head count, we realize this sometimes is not the most convenient solution for our customers. Individuals who wish to book separately but want to be grouped together must indicate the group they would like to join in the ‘Special Requests’ box on the reservation form. These reservations will automatically be charged to the card on file.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, once space has been reserved, cancellation must be received One Week Prior to the scheduled show for groups under 12, and Two Weeks Prior for groups 12 and over.

What if a person from my party decides not to attend?

For reservations with less than 12 people, the party size can be adjusted up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled showtime. Parties of 12 or more must cancel or make final modifications 2 weeks prior to event. Please understand that an empty seat means someone who would have been able to enjoy the show was turned away, as our shows almost always sell out.

Is there food available?

Yes, during our Thursday through Saturday shows we offer a selection of finger food ranging from pizzas and flatbreads, to burgers, chicken fingers and wings. For More substantial Dining options before or after the show see our Dinner Recommendations all within steps from FIVE15 (Click Here for Recommendations). This does not pertain to our Drag Queen Bingo Brunch. Please see the following Question and Answer below.

What is included in the brunch?

During our Drag Queen Bingo Brunch show, we offer a light buffet including such items as croissants, muffins, pasta salad, potato salad, sliced melon, turkey, cheese, deli spirals and usually a hot item like mini quiche. A small dessert is often included.

Do we need to bring anything?

No. Everything needed to enjoy the show is provided by Five15. Daubers and such are not necessary…Feather Boas and Tiaras Optional…

What does the $20 or $30 get me?

$20 gets you approximately 2 Hours of Laughter Thursday through Saturday. Food and Beverages are extra. $30 on Sundays includes our brunch buffet AND the show!

Where do we park?

We recommend parking at the Lafayette Parking Structure at Sixth Street & Lafayette. (Click Here for a Map). Street Meter parking is NOT RECOMMENDED as the meters are $6 with a two hour limit and run till Midnight. The Lafayette Structure is a $3 flat fee and is a short one-block walk to FIVE15.

What do you win?

Prevail and receive an up close and personal meeting with one of our Enchanting Hostesses and Hilarious merchandise from FIVE15 plus the opportunity to have your photo taken with one of our Glamorous Entertainers.

How long does the show last?

Each show lasts approximately an hour and a half to two hours with a break in the middle.

What if we don’t show up?

Failure to fulfill your reservation will result in the credit card being charged the full amount for your reservation according to Five15’s Bingo Cancellation Policy. Understanding that an empty seat means someone who would have been able to enjoy the show, was turned away as our show sells out practically always.

What if we arrive late?

Latecomers risk the wrath of the Entertainers and public ridicule, enter at your own risk (But it sure adds to the spice of the show).

Can I bring my Husband/Kids?

Drag Queen Bingo is an audience-participation Comedy Show with a Drag Queen Entertainer Calling Numbers and zingers and insulting everyone and everything. Nothing is sacred and no one is safe, but it’s all in good fun. Hundreds of Men and Women of all ethnicities and Background have enjoyed the show. From Office Parties and Birthday Parties to Bachelorette and Block Clubs…this is one unique experience.

Due to some Mature Content attendees must be at least 18 years of age to attend.