Meet Our Entertainers

The Mouth of the South!

From Brownsville KY, Carmella Marcella Garcia rolls the balls with southern charm & wit that will leave you gasping for air!


Hollywood Twisted Tales!

Hailing from Orlando FL, seasoned stage ingenue, Miss Carol Lee will have you rolling in the aisles with twisted tales of the stars you thought you knew and a show you’ll never forget!


Don’t let her name fool you!

A Miami native, Miss Angel Sheridan comes to us by way of the Big Apple and has no angelic tendencies as her name would suggest! She knows how to work a crowd to a frenzy!

Large & Lovely & Full of Spunk!

Another Orlando Native, Miss Addison Taylor, does everything BIG! This gender bending ball of fire has no boundaries and a healthy appetitie for FUN!


Get the Deluxxe Treatment!

You may remember Trixie Deluxxe from her 90’s radio stint as cohost of WDRQ’s morning gig with Jay Towers. A staple here for over 6 years!

Don’t miss her antics & unique hilarity!

It all began with Sabin!

Billed as “the angry drag queen”, Detroit’s own Sabin has packed in and pleased audiences since the beginning! Her show will leave you breathless!